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Protection Regulations

Is Xono GDPR Complaint?

Xono is dedicated to providing a safe and secure platform for all users to use. We process our users’ data in compliance with GDPR, which sets the highest standard for privacy and personal data protection possible. This ensures that all of our users are protected with maximum data security and confidentiality.

Is Xono Compliant with all International whistleblowing laws?

Xono is compliant with the forthcoming EU Whistleblower Protection Directive and all other International rules, regulations & guidelines. Our legal experts are more than happy to assist you with this concern.

What can I use Xono for?

It depends entirely on how you wish to use the platform.


Corporate/Education; Employees/Pupils are able to send suggestions for improvement, notify you of matters of misconduct, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, unpleasant work/school atmosphere, non-compliance, theft, fraud, property or reputational damage, damage to colleagues’/classmates’ property, mental health issues (depression, anxiety, burnout, etc.), or even physical violence.


Local Communities/Conservationists; By using Xono whistleblower system, you could give every potential whistleblower on the ground a safe voice to communicate 100% anonymously with authorities in their area to report knowledge of violence, crime, poaching activity and corruption without fear of retribution.


On the contrary, Xono could also be used for gathering positive feedback, sharing news and information, creating polls and conducting surveys.

Can I have a demo of the Xono platform?

Absolutely! We are so certain that you will love the platform, especially once you’ve seen it in action, that we are more than happy to give you a tour! Contact us today to start your trial to discover how easy & intuitive it is to work with Xono.

Is Xono truly 100% anonymous?

Yes! Xono is completely 100% anonymous. Should the reporter not what to share their name, no one will ever know who wrote the report. Your privacy is fully protected.

How does Xono ensure data protection?

We are in the business of protecting the data of our users; as such, it is our top priority. To ensure that all users remain truly 100% anonymous, we never save any personal user data. Ever. For other data that we may store, we ensure maximum security in the form of End-to-End 2-way data encryption.

Who can access reports made using Xono?

Reports made using Xono’s platform are sent directly to the person(s) assigned by the school/organization, who are responsible for dealing with such issues. This could be a designated in-house/third-party administrator, HR representative, school counsellor, psychologist, lawyer, etc.

Can't we just use email / hotlines?

According to The Report to the Nations‘ research; telephone hotlines, email and mail-in reports have declined significantly since 2016. These findings indicate that the whistleblowers’ preferred methods of reporting may be shifting, particularly toward new tech such as online/electronic written forms and mobile applications. Xono offers a sophisticated platform for authors and administrators to better deal with reports, manage investigations & ensure 100% anonymity and security. Individuals can be sure that they can confide in you without fear of retribution.


For more detailed info on this topic, check out our page: Xono vs. Others

What if reporters don't have access to smartphones/internet?

There are multiple ways to send a report using Xono. Reporters don’t necessarily need to own smartphones or have internet access at home. Thanks to a simple access code, individuals are able to send reports from anywhere – the school library, office or even an internet cafe.

Does Xono offer ongoing support?

At Xono, not only do we provide full support services through a 24/7 help desk, should you have any other questions or queries, we are here to help. Simply make an appointment with one of our specialists and we would be happy to assist you with any additional support matters you may have.

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