Why Xono?

Xono is a multi-faceted system that offers effective solutions within multiple sectors. Additionally it is simple to deploy, user-friendly and competitively priced.


Provide a safe, anonymous communication platform to all individuals in your care


Streamline your current investigation procedures & redistribute resources


Enhance your reputational image by showcasing your progressiveness to change


Reassure stakeholders of your commitment to eradicating unlawful & toxic behaviour

Use Xono to #SpeakUp.
Give users the power to have their voice heard.

Xono is committed to providing a safe space for all users to #SpeakUp against a multitude of injustices.
These could include; misconduct, fraud, bullying, harassment, criminal activity, corruption and more.
Unleash the power of internal reporting
It is estimated that organisations lose up to 5% of revenue to fraud & corruption each year (A global average loss of over $3.6 Billion USD). And while 43% of reports come from internal employee tip-off's, an additional 58% of employees have reported that they are more likely come forward if the reporting platform is 100% anonymous.
Unlock vital information
Fraud is a global problem affecting all organizations worldwide. Because occupational fraud is frequently undetected and often never reported, it is difficult to determine the full scope of global losses. The presence of anti-fraud controls is associated with lower fraud losses and quicker detection.
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Empower the Brave 💪
85% of school-goers have reported that they have experienced bullying or social exclusion while only 36% of students who are bullied report it. This has to change. It has been proven that school-based bullying prevention programs and initiatives decrease bullying by up to 25%. By using Xono, students or parents can anonymously report any experiences of bulling or harassment and assist schools in investigating these matters to better prevent any potential future cases.
The power to change the status quo,
lies in the hands of (you)th
Over 70% of students have reported having witnessed bullying in their school - What if we could give every student on campus a safe voice to communicate 100% anonymously with administrators and authorities to report bullying with no fear of retaliation.
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Safeguard your neighbours
Petty theft, home invasions and other invasive criminal activity is a constant threat. Xono is ready to deploy a network of boots on the ground to help curb unnecessary and unwanted criminal activity in your communities.
Create a world where criminality is non-existent & speaking up is the new norm
Supplement your community improvement districts, neighbourhood watch groups or even private security companies by joining us in creating communities where residents feel safe in their homes and on their streets by providing a safe, anonymous communication platform to all members of the community.
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Powered by the people
All poachers have to interact with locals in whatever region they are operating in. Whether it be to gather intelligence, find collaborators, or just to learn the basic lay of the land. This means that people on the ground often know who these poachers are and what they are planning. Xono's two-tiered platform would allow for deployment of a powerful network of whistleblowers, powered by these members of the public.
Protecting the vulnerable
In recent years, poaching levels have soared and the current crisis is creating debates worldwide about the best way to tackle illegal poaching. Across Africa, state-led anti-poaching forces, no matter how well funded and equipped, have been unable to curtail the high levels of poaching currently observed. It is estimated that there are around 350,000 elephants left in Africa, but approximately 10-15,000 are killed annually by poachers. The lion poaching epidemic has recently struck South Africa with conservations being hit numerous times a year leaving devastation in their wake. The Pangolin are the most trafficked mammal in the world - poachers kill as many as 2.7 million African Pangolins every year.
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Innovative technology drives change in a mobile-penetrated world.

Utilise Xono's transformative digital platform to allow users to harness the power of innovation by creating new ways of connecting people, information, secure data and investigative processes.
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Lay the foundation for a culture dedicated to maintaining trust, integrity and confidence in your environment by utilising Xono, the enhanced communication and safeguarding platform, created to help organisations communicate better and safeguard individuals from all forms of bias.
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Over 25+ years of combined experience in the security sector


Over £100 million (GBP) of fraud uncovered using Xono's software thus far


Over 30+ years of combined experience in the technology sector


To date, Xono's software has assisted in investigating over 500+ internal user reports

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