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By using Xono, you can ensure;

In direct contrast to the above mentioned outdated methods of reporting,
by using Xono's revolutionary safe & secure platform, users can be sure of the following concerns.

When using Xono's platform, reporters
can be certain that their anonymity is guaranteed.

Data Encryption

Xono ensures all reports are protected
by end-to-end data encryption for ease of mind.

Attach Evidence

With Xono, users are able to attach unlimited forms of multimedia-based evidentiary data to reports.

Maintain Dialogue

Reporters have 24/7 access to their report
and can maintain dialogue with the administrator.

Progress Reports

By utilising Xono's 2-way communication platform, reporters are able to receive feedback on their open investigation.

24/7 Access

With Xono's simple-to-use mobile app, reporters have 24/7 access to administrators should they need to report matters of misconduct.

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