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  • Reduce Risk of Reputational Damage
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of all fraud within companies is detected by whistleblowers.


of all misconduct investigations originate from tip off's.


of individuals are more likely to report an incident if they are anonymous.


of school-goers experienced bullying or social exclusion.

The Xono Platform

Compliant with the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.  Are You?

Reduce Reputational Risk

The Xono Platform provides a secure anonymous channel to allow any nefarious activities to be reported. The bi-directional communication ensures all details is obtained about the incident. A report can also be generated for further investigation. This allows the company to deal with the perpetrators accordingly and reduce possible Reputational Damage.

Woman Who Uses Whistleblowing Software

“The xono platform has given our factory workers a voice and this has improved our standings within the community. Morale is higher and it has also reduced amount of issues we have had to deal with.

JennyCamathne Limited

Reduce Nefarious Activities

The bi-directional anonymous communication channel allows employees to report on any nefarious activities. In addition, the platform allows evidence to be attached.

“The Xono platform allowed us to canvas our organization for specific suggestions on our culture. We actioned some of these suggestions and we have seen a remarkable reduction in churn and staff days off``
BraidyVegan Streetfood
Improve Company Wellness

Anonymous surveys and articles can be published and pushed to the employees to obtain constructive feedback and provide vital reading material.

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Xono has been a godsend for our organization. The anonymity and discretion has enabled us to create positive change throughout our organization


Frequently asked questions

Still have a few questions about our platform? Take a look through our FAQ's below to see if we've got you covered.

What is a whistleblowing system, and how does it work?

Whistleblowers — for example, employees of a business or organization, suppliers, or people of a municipality – can utilize a whistleblowing system to anonymously report suspected abuse or regulatory violations – without fear of repercussions. Whistleblowers are not subject to retaliation, job discrimination, intimidation, or retaliation.

Why is it critical for your organization to have a whistleblower program in place?

Few things are more critical to a business’s success and well-being than an engaged staff that genuinely cares about the business’s success and well-being. Which is why it is critical to cultivate a strong culture of internal reporting – more generally referred to as whistleblowing.


It’s a good thing, too, because it’s a legal necessity. Every business with at least 50 workers, as well as all government bodies operating within the EU, are required by national legislation to develop a whistleblower mechanism. Businesses who provide financial services or are at danger of money laundering, regardless of size, are also required to build a system. Businesses are required by law to establish whistleblower routes and to defend whistleblowers who disclose fraud, corruption, or other wrongdoing.


By selecting a whistleblower system that places a premium on end-user satisfaction and safety, you not only ensure compliance with new rules, but also foster an organizational culture of trust. 1Even in the absence of a statutory mandate, a robust culture of internal reporting and whistleblower support makes sound financial sense.


Establishing a whistleblower system demonstrates your organization’s commitment to transparency to prospective employees and the broader community.

Why is whistleblowing beneficial for companies

Whistleblowers perform valuable service to their organizations as well as society at large. 
Organisations can avoid reputational risk and fines by resolving issues internally before they become public in the press or on leak platforms.  Fine can be big deal. 
Companies received penalties totaling record US$2.9 billion in 2019 as result of enforcement action under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


confidential reporting system for irregularities is provided via whistleblowing system. A whistleblowing system can also help with the bottom line: infractions cost corporations and organizations roughly 7% of their yearly turnover, according to experience. Internal reports can aid in the discovery of major part of these incidents, reducing financial loss.

Is a whistleblowing system required for my company?

When it comes to establishing internal whistleblower mechanisms, the expectations of businesses worldwide have increased significantly in recent years.3In the United States, all publicly traded corporations are required to have whistleblower procedures that enable secret and anonymous reporting. In Europe, the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on standard whistleblower protection comes into force on 16 December 2019 — imposing on businesses in the EU the duty to establish whistleblower mechanisms. Eu members now have until 2021 to adopt the directive’s criteria 2in their domestic legislation – by that time, enterprises operating in the EU must have whistleblower procedures in place.

Businesses frequently face significant fines if, for instance, a case of misconduct occurs and the corporation is accused of failing to take all required and reasonable organizational steps to avoid the act. While reporting systems are still not necessary in many countries, they are already outstanding: they increase employee and external stakeholder confidence in the company, greatly contribute to reputation protection, and mitigate entrepreneurial risks.

It is impossible to exaggerate the benefits of whistleblowing. According to Australian research, whistleblowing by employees was the “single most effective method of bringing wrongdoing to light in public sector enterprises” (UNODC, 2015).

As a result, there is no doubt that legislators, as well as public and private entities, must do more to motivate whistle-blowing and associated reports of corrupt practices; to handle reports of possible fraud, wrongdoing, and undue risks in an ethical manner; and provide suitable levels of protection for whistle-blowers.

What can I use Xono for?

It depends entirely on how you wish to use the platform.


Corporate/Education; Employees/Pupils are able to send suggestions for improvement, notify you of matters of misconduct, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, unpleasant work/school atmosphere, non-compliance, theft, fraud, property or reputational damage, damage to colleagues’/classmates’ property, mental health issues (depression, anxiety, burnout, etc.), or even physical violence.


Local Communities/Conservationists; By using Xono, you could give every potential whistleblower on the ground a safe voice to communicate 100% anonymously with authorities in their area to report knowledge of violence, crime, poaching activity and corruption without fear of retribution.


On the contrary, Xono could also be used for gathering positive feedback, sharing news and information, creating polls and conducting surveys.

Can I have a demo of the Xono platform?

Absolutely! We are so certain that you will love the platform, especially once you’ve seen it in action, that we are more than happy to give you a tour! Contact us today to start your trial to discover how easy & intuitive it is to work with Xono.

Is Xono truly 100% anonymous?

Yes! Xono is completely 100% anonymous. Should the reporter not what to share their name, no one will ever know who wrote the report. Your privacy is fully protected.

How does Xono ensure data protection?

We are in the business of protecting the data of our users; as such, it is our top priority. To ensure that all users remain truly 100% anonymous, we never save any personal user data. Ever. For other data that we may store, we ensure maximum security in the form of End-to-End 2-way data encryption.

Who can access reports made using Xono?

Reports made using Xono’s platform are sent directly to the person(s) assigned by the school/organization, who are responsible for dealing with such issues. This could be a designated in-house/third-party administrator, HR representative, school counsellor, psychologist, lawyer, etc.

Is Xono compliant with all International whistleblowing laws?

Xono is compliant with the forthcoming EU Whistleblower Protection Directive and all other International rules, regulations & guidelines. Our legal experts are more than happy to assist you with this concern.

Is Xono GDPR complaint?

Xono is dedicated to providing a safe and secure platform for all users to use. We process our users’ data in compliance with GDPR, which sets the highest standard for privacy and personal data protection possible. This ensures that all of our users are protected with maximum data security and confidentiality.

Can't we just use email / hotlines?

According to The Report to the Nations‘ research; telephone hotlines, email and mail-in reports have declined significantly since 2016. These findings indicate that the whistleblowers’ preferred methods of reporting may be shifting, particularly toward new tech such as online/electronic written forms and mobile applications. Xono offers a sophisticated platform for authors and administrators to better deal with reports, manage investigations & ensure 100% anonymity and security. Individuals can be sure that they can confide in you without fear of retribution.


For more detailed info on this topic, check out our page: Xono vs. Others

What if reporters don't have access to smartphones/internet?

There are multiple ways to send a report using Xono. Reporters don’t necessarily need to own smartphones or have internet access at home. Thanks to a simple access code, individuals are able to send reports from anywhere – the school library, office or even an internet cafe.

Does Xono offer ongoing support?

At Xono, not only do we provide full support services through a 24/7 help desk, should you have any other questions or queries, we are here to help.

Simply make an appointment with one of our specialists and we would be happy to assist you with any additional support matters you may have.


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