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Interesting Statistics...


of all fraud within companies is detected by whistleblowers.


of individuals are more likely to report an incident if they are anonymous.


of school-goers experienced bullying or social exclusion.


Improvement of employee loyalty by implementing wellness programs


of employees who participate in company wellness programs say they have fewer sick days due to these programs.

Xono's Wellness Suite: Impact, Action & Insight

Immerse your organisation in a culture of well-being, transparency, trust and excellence with our Well-Being Framework™, Impact, Action and Insight. Gain control through Data-Driven Decisions with Advanced Case Management. Xono's Organisational Wellness Suite is your gateway to a comprehensive well-being approach and informed decision-making.

Well-Being Management
Thrive with the Xono Well-Being Framework™, a comprehensive approach to well-being management. From whistleblowing to impactful Articles, Broadcasts and insightful Surveys. Xono empowers organisations to foster a culture of well-being, transparency and excellence.
Anonymous Reporting
Xono offers users various channels to report safeguarding and nefarious issues anonymously. This bi-directional communication enables safeguarding practitioners to gather pertinent information from users and implement a plan with the appropriate organisational personnel.
Data-Driven Decisions
Embark on a transformative journey as you guide your organisation through the intricate landscape of data-driven decision-making, steering it towards a culture that seamlessly blends success, compliance and a profound focus on well-being. With Xono as your trusted companion, you have the key to cultivating a culture that thrives in success, prioritising the well-being of every member within your organisational community.

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