Community Whistleblowing

Xono, the enhanced communication and safeguarding platform, created to help individuals communicate better and safeguard from all forms of crime

These are facts that Xono just can't ignore

Every day, we help students, individuals, and employees navigate their complex environments by providing them with a system to improve their quality of life.


5% of all people globally have had their homes burglarised, equal to an average of 390 million people worldwide.


Since the 70's, South Africa's homicide rate has never reached below 30% which is considered very high by global standards.

Gang Violence

It is reported that crimes related to gang violence worldwide has seen a concerning increase by over 15% since 2006.


Between 2011 to 2012 violent property crimes have soared, of which carjacking has seen an increase of over 58%.

How can your community implement & utilise the Xono platform?

Open up two-way communication systems to motivate & support individuals in your community. Our platform supports individuals in anonymously & securely reporting issues of misconduct, fraud & corruption, bullying and other illegal activities within their environments.


Simple 4-Step System



Users link their mobile app to their neighbourhood dashboard using a unique access code.



Users are now able to securely & anonymously report issues of concern to leaders in their community.



Administrators receive confidential reports and can now dialogue with the reporter to gather all relevant information.



Administrators can now open a case and investigate details of the report & give users feedback on the case's progress.

What is Community Whistleblowing?

Community based whistleblowing is when you as a member of the public in your private capacity within and with a community, report individuals or organisations - even if you do not belong to the prospective organisation at fault or know the private individual that is complicit or engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities.

Ready to get started?

The Xono Platform provides a secure anonymous channel to allow any nefarious activities to be reported.

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