#1 Workplace Wellbeing Management Software

Combat work-related stress by addressing burnout, promoting work-life balance, preventing bullying and harassment and managing conflicts.

Empower employees with 24/7 access to wellbeing tools like anonymous reporting, surveys and articles. Save time on mental health management and foster a positive workplace. Xono's robust analytics help identify trends and make informed decisions on employee wellbeing.

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Neglected Employee Wellbeing: The Silent Productivity Killer


Of employees have reported suffering from some type of stress at work.


Of employees feel more valued by their employer when provided with mental health support.


Of employees say mental health support is a key factor when it comes to changing companies.

At our core, we believe in a holistic understanding of wellbeing.

It's not just about hitting the gym or eating right; it's about the overall quality of people's lives.

Well-being encompasses everything that matters to each individual and how they perceive their own life experiences.


"Xono has truly revolutionised our HR operations at Camathne Limited. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have simplified our processes, enabling us to enhance efficiency and productivity across the board. With Xono's robust analytics capabilities, we've gained valuable insights that have empowered us to make informed decisions, ultimately driving positive results for our team and organisation. I wholeheartedly endorse Xono as a must-have solution for any values-driven company looking to optimise their wellbeing efforts."

Jenny Jones
Head of HR

The 5 Elements of Wellbeing that help people thrive

5 Elements of well-being

7 Strategies to unlock Workplace Wellbeing when combined with Xono.

Explore how implementing these 7 recommended strategies can support and transform employee wellbeing across the 5 key elements when integrated with a wellbeing solution like Xono.

Personalised Development Plans

Organisations should customise their development plans to align with individual employee wellbeing goals.

Recognition and Appreciation

Foster a culture of recognition and appreciation to celebrate employee achievements and contributions to wellbeing.

Effective Communication Channels

Establish consistent and transparent communication channels within the organisation to promote wellbeing initiatives and gather employee feedback.

Incentive Programs

Implement motivational programs to reward employees for participating in activities that promote wellbeing.

Wellbeing Events and Workshops

Organise regular events and workshops within the organisation to raise awareness and provide practical tools for enhancing employee wellbeing.

Supportive Work Environment

Create an environment that fosters collaboration, flexibility and autonomy, enabling employees to thrive personally and professionally.

Wellbeing-Oriented Policies

Develop and implement policies prioritising employee wellbeing, including work-life balance and mental health support, to cultivate a positive workplace culture.

And guess what...

These strategies, when combined with Xono's comprehensive tool, empower organisations to simplify the process of cultivating a culture of resilience, happiness and productivity among their employees.

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