Some Perks of our unique Partner Program

Combined client overview

Manage all your customers in one convenient place with our partner account.

Joint marketing activities

Team up with us! Let's collaborate on webinars, sales materials and marketing efforts to reach more people and maximise impact.

Best pricing terms

As a partner you have access to best pricing terms, with the flexibility to set your own margins and resell at your desired prices.

Own brand identity

Your logo can get displayed on your and your customer's dashboards.

Product Influence

Your insights drive our product improvements. Partners like you play a crucial role in shaping the future of Xono.

Priority Support

Receive dedicated support from your own account manager, ensuring you and your customers get the assistance you need, when you need it.

Choose a partnership model that suits you best

Value-Added Reseller Model

for software resellers and implementation partners

Partner with Xono and introduce your customers to a leading wellbeing management solution that can help build business resilience and thriving employees.

Strategic Alliance Model

for professional associations and wellbeing practitioners

Team up with Xono especially if you're involved in whistleblowing, HR, internal communication or compliance and looking for additional revenue streams.

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Managed Services Model

for consulting companies

Combine your services with a leading digital wellbeing management solution and streamline your customer management on a single platform.

Referral Model

for trusted thought leaders and valued consultants

Engage in our Referral Program by recommending Xono to businesses you know. Earn a competitive commission of 25% on the monthly/annual subscription plans for each paying customer throughout the customer's lifecycle.

Let's discuss the details in person

Would you like to offer your clients a trusted and reliable wellbeing solution? I would love to set up a tailored partnership, so please get in touch.

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Marc Lee

+44 7624 353 350

Join our community of partners

Whether you're an educational institution, company, law firm, external trustee or compliance specialist, we'd love to partner with you.

Social Kids Logo

Social Kids offers a program for young children on internet safety and digital literacy, with Codey Crawler guiding them through online challenges. The program includes five videos, interactive activities, and parental resources.


FEDSAS is the national representative organisation for governing bodies, which informs, organises, mobilises and develops its members to achieve and uphold the highest recognised international educational standards.

CQuinz Logo

CQuinz envisions a secure digital landscape where organizations thrive, empowered by our cybersecurity consultancy. We go beyond conventional security, integrating safeguarding and wellbeing management to ensure holistic protection.

Silver Wolf PI Logo

Silver Wolf PI is a private investigation company which covers a range of investigations as well as tracing. Based in Cape Town, we operate throughout South Africa and are able to do international traces and investigations.

Xono Partner Activities


Placement of an article in the Xono Newsletter

Blog Articles

Publication of 1 Free article every quarter on the Xono Blog and Xono Social Media Pages

Case Studies, White Paper, Flyers and Expert Articles

Joint publication of case studies, flyers, white papers and expert articles

Webinars and Events

Exchange of views on current wellbeing issues
Promotion on social media

What our partners say about us

"I am Angela Pratten from Silver Wolf PI. We are private investigators based in Cape Town, South Africa. I would like to share my experience about the Xono programme. This programme is very useful for companies who are passionate about providing a safe and comfortable space for their employees to express their concerns, observations and any other useful information that would contribute to the smooth and effective running of their businesses.

I have found that especially in our line of business, people are reluctant to share their true feelings about the company, or report matters, for fear of retaliation or about the effects that their revelations may have on their reputation and working environment within the company.

Xono provides a safe and anonymous solution to this problem. Individuals can easily communicate any bit of information through a discreet messaging system which would also give them feedback on the progress of their logged complaint or comment.

The interface, dashboard and other aspects of the system are easy to use, easy to access and it is easy to provide feedback or instructions to the relevant parties within my company.

We urge any organisation to incorporate this programme into their company. It will change the way they understand and interact with employees and to solve matters quickly, without employees being unhappy or feeling frustrated.

Having this programme available to the employees will also give them a sense of security and the knowledge that the company does care about their opinions and the useful information that they can provide, being that they are working at the ground level. This gives them a different perspective to what is truly happening within the organisation.

I encourage you to try the Xono system and see how effective it can be in adding value to your business and elevating it."

Angela Pratten
Director at Silverwolf