Whistleblowing Software Features

Xono is completely 100% anonymous. Should the reporter not share their name, no one will ever know who wrote the report. Your privacy is fully protected.

“58% of surveyed individuals stated they would only report an incident they could remain anonymous, due to fear of repercussions and retaliation.”

  • - End-to-End data encryption
  • - GDPR compliant
  • - Secure data storage
  • - Secure communications
  • - Secure EU hosting locations
  • - Entirely Anonymous Feedback Tool

Chat Bot: Xo

The Xono app has a virtual assistant called Xo, who prompts the user with relevant questions; To generate comprehensive and consistent reports that caseworkers use to initiate investigations.

  • - Comprehensive & consistent reports
  • - Investigative data collection
  • - Gathered usable information

Secure Access Code

You only need to provide users with your unique organisation/school access code, and the rest is up to them. Equally, you can manage and grant access directly to administrators and other third-party externalists using their very own secure access code.

  • - Unique access code generation
  • - Secure access system
  • - Organisational hierarchy access management

Exportable Data Analytics

Over time collected data can be analysed using our simplistic analytics page to identify problem areas and patterns of misconduct. Export reports; Ability to download and export key data when necessary.

  • - Data analytics dashboard
  • - Identify trends & patterns
  • - Collect Information
  • - Export useful data

Surveys & Articles

You can easily create anonymous surveys to gain valuable feedback and insights from your workforce or you can directly send articles out to your audience, such as the latest news, updates to schedules and more.

  • - News bulletins & push notifications
  • - HR & employee wellness checks
  • - Conduct student polls & surveys
  • - Updating schedules
  • - User public safety notifications

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The Xono Platform provides a secure anonymous channel to allow any nefarious activities to be reported.

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