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Whistleblowing in Healthcare and Social Care

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Tracking Coronavirus infections is an urgent requirement

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have increased their demands on employers for recording coronavirus-related illness. All employers with more than 10 employees must record work-related employee COVID-19 infections and other illnesses.


Employers are required to ask the employee how they believe they contracted the COVID-19 virus. Employers must be to date with employer healthcare details.


While respecting employee privacy, employers are required to discuss their work & out-of-work activities that may have led to contracting COVID-19.


Employers are then required to review the employee's work environment for potential vectors for exposure to any strains of the coronavirus.

How can your community implement & utilise the Xono platform?

Open up two-way communication systems to motivate & support your employees. Our platform supports individuals in anonymously & securely raising attention to workplace health and safety concerns within their environments.

medical whistleblowing

Simple 4-Step System



Employees link their mobile app to your organisation's dashboard using their unique access code.



Users are now able to securely & anonymously raise attention to health & safety concerns experienced in their workplace.



Administrators receive confidential reports and can now dialogue with the reporter to gather all relevant information.



Administrators can now open a case and investigate details of the report & give users feedback on the case's progress.

What is whistleblowing in healthcare?

Unfortunately, not all individuals get care characterized by respect, kindness, and decency, and this can put their lives in jeopardy.

You have a responsibility to raise awareness about unacceptable behaviour in your work and a duty of care to the persons in your care. There is a moral obligation to report incidents of damage, abuse, or neglect to an authority figure. If you see anything wrong and don't report it, you might be suspected of being in on it.

All healthcare facilities for adults should foster an atmosphere where staff feel safe speaking out when they observe unsafe or unethical procedures. For employees to feel safe voicing any issues they may have, the workplace should be an open and honest one. The workplace and certain companies, however, may be hostile places where employees don't feel comfortable voicing their problems.

Whistleblowing is crucial in these cases to ensure the safety of all involved parties. The decision to blow the whistle should not be taken lightly because of the emotional weight it carries. However, if you know about malpractice and don't report it, you might be in for significant, even fatal repercussions.


Among the kind of complaints that might prompt a whistleblower to file suit:

  • Unsafe medical procedures
  • Inadequate patient protection
  • Fabrication of scientific data
  • Medication errors
  • Crime or violation of the law
  • Misuse of laboratories and tests for financial gain.
  • Inadequate safety measures in place
  • Reclassification of Health Care Procedures
  • Bad faith in the medical billing system
  • Making erroneous diagnoses and subjecting them to costly therapies
  • Taking payment in exchange for advocating a certain medication, service, or other good

Acquire the ultimate tool in facilitating quick and easy reporting and tracking of potential COVID-19 infections in your work-force.

Meet and manage OSHA and HSE requirements by enabling employees to report symptoms or COVID-19 testing directly via the Xono app.

Due to the delicate nature of the health & safety investigation process, Xono helps businesses establish a trusted line of communication with employees, allowing them to message their employers directly and anonymously to raise concerns of potential infection.

Business can also keep their employees up to date with the latest company policies regarding COVID-19 and other health related guidelines via the app's push notification feature.

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The Xono Platform provides a secure anonymous channel to allow any nefarious activities to be reported.

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