Whistle Blowing in the Workplace

Our corporate partners use Xono to aid in reporting bullying at work.

Xono, the enhanced communication and safeguarding platform, created to help organisations communicate better and safeguard individuals from all forms of biase

These are facts that Xono just can't ignore

Every day, we help students, individuals, and employees navigate their complex environments by providing them with a system to improve their quality of life.


It is estimated that companies globally lose up to 5% of revenue to fraud and corruption annually.

Tip Off's

43% reports made of misconduct, fraud & corruption came from internal employee tip-off's.


58% of employees have reported that they would come forward if reporting was 100% anonymous.


Organisations with hotlines or other internal reporting mechanisms detect fraud by tip 49% more often.

How can your company implement & utilise the Xono platform?

Open up two-way communication systems to motivate & support your employees. Our platform supports individuals in anonymously & securely reporting issues of misconduct, fraud & corruption, bullying and other illegal activities within their environments.


Simple 4-Step System



Employees link their mobile app to your organisation's dashboard using their unique access code.



Users are now able to securely & anonymously report issues of misconduct experienced in their workplace.



Administrators receive confidential reports and can now dialogue with the reporter to gather all relevant information



Administrators can now open a case and investigate details of the report & give users feedback on the cases progress.

Why should I use an anonymous feedback tool?

Encouragement of feedback via an anonymous app like the Xono Platform builds trust.

An anonymous approach is perceived as being free of agenda and indicates your willingness to listen and answer. Employees thrive in an environment where they are certain that the information they share will remain private.

While no true anonymous feedback tool will ever reveal an individual's identity, conducting a dialogue through a platform like the Xono Platform enables our users to continue cultivating trust with staff, and more employees become comfortable self-identifying.

At this point, human resources personnel can meet with the employee or call to resolve the specifics of the employee's issue or to offer encouragement for a business-enhancing idea.

According to a poll, 80% of firms say their employees are overloaded with information and activities at work while less than 8% have initiatives in place to address the issues.

Enhancing your company's culture benefits your business. Worker feedback is essential for resolving issues that undermine culture and for generating ideas for development.

Allow employees' voices to be heard by demonstrating that you are more concerned with the substance of their remarks through the use of an anonymous feedback platform.

What can an anonymous feedback system be used for?

You want to provide employees with a comfortable and secure atmosphere in which to discuss information. Here are some of the most typical categories that corporations choose when soliciting anonymous feedback.

  • - Aggressive pressure or intimidation.
  • - Psychological and emotional well-being.
  • - Personal concerns.
  • - Unacceptable workplace conduct.
  • - Any situation where an employee feels compromised in any way.
  • - Open door policy “We'll listen to anything for the betterment of all.”

What is the benefit of an anonymous feedback tool for companies?

Allow employees' voices to be heard by demonstrating that you are more concerned with the substance of their remarks through the use of an anonymous feedback platform.

Does your organization have an employee feedback program in place? According to a survey titled “The State of Employee Feedback,” 36% of employees work for organisations that do not have a feedback program in place. Additionally, 37% claim that their workplace lacks an open-door policy or that it exists but is not enforced.

This does not only make it more difficult for employees to provide feedback to management. This sends the sense that employees have no say and that management is uninterested in hearing from them. Which is a problem.

However, even those businesses that do have a feedback system may not be providing the optimal routes for providing feedback and may be missing chances to provide voice to individuals who do not feel empowered to speak up.

- Anonymity will boost the amount of input received.

According to research, 74% of employees would be much more likely to provide feedback on their organization, workload, and culture if the feedback method was really anonymous. Employees are less inclined to provide feedback if they don't have access to anonymous channels, and employers may miss out on important information about their workplace as a result.

- Employees feel more comfortable providing comments when they are anonymous.

People who are truly hesitant to provide feedback are doing so because they are afraid of backlash, not being trusted, or being shunned from the community. This is particularly true for minorities and entry-level employees who cannot afford to lose their jobs. Anonymous feedback allows everyone to be on the same page and creates a more secure environment for input.

- Anonymity boosts participation.

Employees who are more open about their requirements and concerns in their workplace feel as if they are participating in the culture and direction of their company. Highly engaged teams have a 59% lower turnover rate, while 41% of employees have quit a job since they didn't feel heard - and retaining people starts with effective engagement.

- Anonymity can improve employee retention while also reducing expenses.

Employees will leave if they feel their input is ignored, or that they are unable to engage in developing the culture of their company - replacing employees is expensive. Replacing one person costs six to nine months' worth of salary when recruiting, employing, and training is taken into account.

Providing an anonymous feedback system can help you not just reduce attrition, but it can also be used as a recruiting tool to attract high-quality employees who know they'll be involved and participating in the company's culture.

- Anonymity demonstrates that you are concerned.

Gratitude can sometimes be discovered in the offer itself. Providing a variety of feedback channels, particularly anonymous channels, demonstrates that you're paying close attention to what your staff desire in terms of feedback delivery, and therefore to their requirements. Which goes a long way toward fostering a positive and healthy work environment.

- Putting In The Work.

While allowing employees to report anonymously is an important step in creating a more open, effective feedback loop, firms must also take steps to address concerns that arise, not just to enhance the culture but also to demonstrate that feedback is valued.

Companies should also seek to build a feedback culture in which input isn't just collected once a year with an engagement survey, but is integrated into one-on-ones, group meetings, and other settings to normalize its exchange.

Because it may affect culture, development, loyalty, and how much your employees love coming to work each day, getting effective employee feedback should be an area that is given importance and consistent progress.

What are the commercial benefits of whistleblowing?

Whistleblowers provide an invaluable service to their company and the general public. By fixing problems internally before they hit the media or leak sites, organisations may prevent reputational harm and fines.

Whistleblowing enables the anonymous reporting of irregularities. Firms and organisations lose an average of 7% of their annual income due to violations, which is why whistleblowing mechanisms are critical. Numerous fraud and financial fraud situations may be identified and mitigated by internal reporting and internal whistleblowing software like Xono

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